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Osawa Wonder Gun & Vacuum Products

Osawa Wonder Gun & Vacuum Products


Osawa & Company, an pneumatic manufacturer established since 1977 in Osaka specializing in high quality air gun and vacuum cleaners. While only a handful of products are offered, their decades of research & development has produced these highly specialized products that are now world renowned and are high in demand. The reliability and the performance of their products is the main reason GSG Engineering has chosen to be Osawa & Company’s distribution partner in Malaysia.

Here are some of the products we are able to supply:

Wonder Gun

Osawa & Company’s next generation wonder gun is a unique air gun that utilizes compressed air for suction, blow off and material transfer. This versatile air gun is used in various different industries and has multiple uses. There are two main models; the Pencil model can be used as tweezers or a cleaner for minute, hard to reach areas while the Air Blast model is used for general purpose air blasting.

Mini Porter Cyclone

Osawa & Company’s portable and small special cleaner that separates powder and air. The centrifugal cleaning action is so powerful that when handling flour, it is able to reach 100% efficiency.

The Mini Porter Cyclone uses a vacuum cleaner or blower to operate. There are several popular models such as the Mini Porter Cyclone with Ejector (eg. MP-38WACF12) or the Combination model (eg. MP-38CF12 or SC30-32SW/F)

Silent Cleaner

Osawa & Company’s pride in pneumatic innovation, one of the industries most quiet vacuum cleaner; the Silent Cleaner!

It is a pneumatic cleaner that is able to handle different material types such as water, oil, gravel and metal parts. The robust design of the cleaner allows for hours of continuous operation. The specially designed built in silencer keeps exhaust sound to a minimal.

A special model available can be ordered for use of high viscosity liquids and adhesive materials such as grease.

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