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As an all rounder premier provider in vacuum & pneumatic, temperature control management, maintenance tools and mold imprint paper, GSG Engineering has been helping customers to increase productivity, efficiency and cost savings by offering the largest selections of industrial related products under one roof across industries.

Osawa has a wide range of products which can meet your requirements for high performance to clean, blow & suction, transfer, and recovering materials.

Tiger-Vac is a leading manufacturer for industrial vacuum cleaners who specialized in various industries such as aerospace & automotive, semiconductor, cleanroom & pharmaceutical, and various other industries.

DEB Cleaning & Hygience products are no strangers with reliable skin care systems, supported by quality products that are both pleasant to use and cost effective. SUitable for all types of workplace and public environments, industrial, commercial, healthcare and food sectors.

Sealey is one of the largest tool and equipments suppliers in the UK with extensive range of over 8000 products, including garage & workshop, bodyshop, agricultural, jantorial, engineering and vehicle service tools.

Mold Imprint Paper is a very niche product but we take pride in specializing this particular product. As there are many types of requirements in molding and tracing, please contact us for further information